Mini Max Component Modules

After much research and in-school testing we have developed a unique system for teaching electricity and electronics. Recognising the short comings of existing electronics kits and simple mounted components, PSU Base have taken the idea of kits and mounted components and created a hybrid system of modules: providing the flexibility of mounted components and the clarity of text book circuit diagrams. PSU Base have tested the system in a number of schools and used feedback to modify the original concept. The system comprises of a comprehensive range of modules which cover all aspects of the curriculum, along with rigid connecting links and a baseboard. All modules have magnetic bases, allowing them to be placed and held on the baseboard for a neater semi-fixed approach. Each module also includes integral 4mm safety sockets to allow the inter-connection of different components using the specially designed rigid connecting links or using standard 4mm plug leads. Using the connecting links allows pupils to see the circuit just like the circuit diagram. The lower part of most component modules is clear plastic, allowing full view of the component (if mounted inside), and the top includes a circuit symbol, as appropriate. Additional connection/ junction boxes facilitate the circuit diagram view. Power to the circuits can be via an existing 6 volt bench PSU or the system’s battery pack component using 4 x AA batteries or the system’s plug top power supply. Each method uses a specific module to be included in the circuit. The module for using your existing bench power supply can also be used as a component holder utilising the system’s 4mm plug crocodile clips By providing individual modules custom kits can be assembled to match each schools requirements. Alternatively there are 2 kits with everything required for GCSE and A’level including a user booklet with curriculum specific experiments and circuit diagrams and photographs.

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