Mini Max Power Supplies

PSU BASE MINI MAX SERIES - NEW! We have produced these cost effective entry level 12V DC power supplies for low current applications. Simple and lightweight this range consists of switched 2A and 3.5A models plus a continuously variable 3.5A model. Independent Laboratory CE Tested not self-certified, so safety assured 


2A & 3.5A versions - suitable for many applications 4mm sockets, so no lost terminals 

Switched DC Voltages 3,4.5,6,7.5,9,12 (switched versions) 

Continuously Variable Version range: 0-12V DC 

Short Circuit Protected - safe in use 

Smoothed - clean output with ripple of only 50mV Regulated - no drop in voltage under load 

External Fuse - easy maintenance 

Dimensions: 140mm x 115mm x 60mm - 6 units fit in a shallow Gratnells tray

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