Max Series

The MAX SERIES is new range from PSU BASE featuring Power Supplies, a Power Signal Generator & Scaler Timer designed specifically for schools & colleges.

All MAX SERIES variants are housed in an ergonomically designed tough plastic case in our trade-mark purple. Two units fit perfectly in a Gratnells tray and feature a removable IEC power lead for easy separate storage, negating the problems encountered with hard wired devices. The IEC connector houses the mains on/off switch and external fuse for easy access. When placed in a Gratnells tray the units sit upright providing access to the built-in handle, which is positioned to ensure ideal balance reducing the possibility of them slipping out of the hand when carried. The design of the base and top of the case means the units are stackable for improved storage. Front panels are angled back by 15 degrees to provide students with a clear view of the controls and displays. This design feature provides a shield over the top of the front panel to reduce glare in bright environments. The sockets are the shrouded safety type, and there are no other apertures to eliminate the possibility of foreign object ingress.

Classroom management is helped as all power supplies are equipped with a ceiling voltage limiter. Adjustment is via a small slot on the front panel. A fine level of control is achieved using the small integral digital voltmeter specifically for this function. Short circuit and overload protection are electro-mechanically controlled resulting in zero output and a warning light illuminates to highlight this situation until resolved after which normal operation is automatically resumed and the warning light extinguishes. This design of this feature protects the unit and the students with a fail-safe cut out. Variable voltage power supplies can be supplied with or without a combined digital voltmeter ammeter.

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