1/2/3/5 beam laser ray box. Complete with USB charging lead


Our Laser Ray Box is bright enough to not require a darkened room.

3 or 5 beams are switched however, with use of the clip-on adaptor (supplied) the output may be easily converted to either 1 or 2 beams.

Side by side, Class 2 lasers, giving parallel beams 1.6 cm apart, 650 nm wavelength. Will easily demonstrate the following when used with suitable optics. Light reflection by plane and curved mirrors, focusing effect, focal point, Fresnel reflection, monochromatic characteristics of laser light, total internal reflection. With use of a suitable diffraction grating, the wavelength of the laser light may be measured.

Magnetic back for demonstrations using a Magnetic White Board .

Comes complete with built in rechargeable batteries and a USB charging lead to allow charging from any computer, laptop or tablet or, alternatively, a mains USB plug.

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