100 Degrees Digital Water Bath


The PSU Base Water Bath is a safe and cost-effective digitally controlled, 8-litre water bath situated within a Gratnells deep tray. The heating element is a sealed silicone unit with a maximum power of 500W. 

The temperature controller has a digital temperature lock, with which the user can set the maximum temperature. A temperature probe on a flying lead allows either the temperature of the water bath to be controlled or it can be placed in the vessel to be heated to control that temperature. 

It is particularly suitable for use in hard water areas as any calcification can be easily wiped off the silicone heating unit. The heating unit is housed in a stainless steel sleeve that provides a safe base away from direct heat and will not rust.

Importantly the controller features an electronic water level cut-out and is supplied with an RCD protected power lead:  Vital safety features. 

Supplied with an aluminium z-shaped test tube rack and a clear Gratnells tray lid for ease of storage.

H150mm  x  W312 x D417mm
Weight 3.8kg


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