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Digital Water Bath

Our School digital water bath is designed around the popular Gratnells deep tray.
The unit uses a high-quality silicon heat mat housed within a metal shell to deliver homogenous heating without the need for a stirrer. The digital temperature controller maintains the temperature to within 1°C and has a lock facility to prevent pupil tampering. Safety is maintained by an electronic water level sensor which automatically cuts off the power if the water level drops below a pre-set level.

This prevents the unit boiling dry if it is inadvertently left on for an extended period. Water capacity is from 3 to 7.5 litres. 3 litres of water gives the equivalent depth to 8 litres in a standard water bath, and therefore heats up much faster. Temperature range is from ambient to 99°C.
The water bath comes complete with full instructions and a Z-type test tube rack.

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