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Powering science in education

A range of space saving, easily transportable low voltage power supplies for schools and colleges.

Space saving

With up to 70% reduction in storage space by simply offering 4 power supplies in a Gratnells shallow tray.

Quick setup

Only one socket required to power 4 power supplies the Quad PSU is ready to use in seconds.


Only 4 trays needed per class the Quad is easliy transportable with the Gratnells Rover trolley.


All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK with a 5-year warranty.


"Designed with Technicians in mind..."

We realise that space is important at home and at work and that is why we designed a compact
low voltage power supply for schools that saves on space and on setup time!


All Quad power supply units come in a choice of coloured Gratnells shallow trays .


Save time, and your back, with the Gratnells Rover trolley that can carry up to 4 Quad power supplies safely and with ease.


Space saving

Based on the traditional design and size of power supplies you can save up to 70% in space with the Quad power supply unit.

For education

Designed specifically for education the Quad power supply offers 2,4,6,8,10 & 12 volts at 5 amps with a solid state cut-out for safety.

Quickly and easily deployable for lessons

Simply place the tray on the bench and connect one mains
power lead and you are ready to go...!


With up to 70% reduction in storage space plus reduced setup time for your class the Quad power supply is the ideal choice for Technicians.

4 Power Supplies in 1

The four power supplies are housed within a standard Gratnells shallow tray easily transportable using the Gratnells Rover trolley that can hold up to 4 shallow trays and 1 deep tray. A big enough solution for up to 32 students when working in pairs.

Easy and Simple to use

The Quad power supply has clear graphics detailing each component action along with with independant visible LED's showing 'power on' and 'fault'. In the event of one power supply having a fault or damage to the components this will not affect the other units from functioning.


Asset Tagging

All our power supplies come with a asset/location tag to help you locate or distribute your units.


Visible power

Each Quad PSU displays a vibrant purple LED clearly displaying the device is ready to use.


One source

Only one standard mains power input is required to safely power 4 Quad power supples within the class.



In the unlikely event of your Quad PSU not working this can be clearly seen by the red LED fault light on each unit.


Clear & concise

Simple clear markings easily distinguishable to students when using the Quad PSU.



The design not only saves space and time but also enables more bench space for experiments.


Quad PSU usage

An example of how one Quad power supply can be used within a group of 8 students using only one mains power source.  Each unit comes with 1 easily replaceable external fuse for all 4 power supplies. If one unit creates a fault or is tripped it will not affect the other 3 units.


Alternating and direct current output via 4mm colour coded sockets that accept standard/shrouded/sprung shrouded 4mm plugs.  

2 to 12 volts DC and 3 - 15 volts AC via a six position selector switch.  

Full wave rectified DC, unregulated. AC

automatic solid state cut-out on outputs with automatic reset. Combined fuse holder with replaceable fuse, On/Off switch and fused IEC inlet.

Quad PSU - Height 70mm Width 262mm Depth 300mm - Weight with tray 7.1kg

Gratnells Rover trolley - Height 1170mm Width 560mm Depth 760mm. *requires minimal assembly.

5 years warranty and free technical support for the lifetime of the product.


For more information or to enquire about the NEW Quad PS and future products


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