It all started way back in 1983 when Phil Walsh was working as Head of a Physics department in a London school. 

Phil Walsh - PSU Base founder

Needing to buy some power supplies for my Science Department I looked through all the catalogues but was disappointed to find that the units on offer were too expensive and possibly not serviceable due to being manufactured overseas. Therefore I designed and built my own units. Over the following year, several other schools saw my power supplies and ordered sets for themselves.

I continued making power supplies and started supplying some of the UK’s leading educational science suppliers under the brand name Electrosound. At this time the range was expanded and myself, and my wife Anna, moved into our first factory, whilst I was still working full time as a Physics teacher and Anna was working for the Science Inspectorate in Essex. Eventually, the business grew so large that we devoted all our time and energies to Electrosound.

Fast forwarding to 2018 and after many years of developing new products, for the Electrosound and Irwin brands, we decided that we wanted to move in a new direction with a modern, compact, user-friendly range.  So, in February 2018 we left the company and I formed PSU Base. All of my 35 years of experience in design and manufacturing have gone into a new range of power supplies and products with enhanced features, but still with the build quality and reliability for which the previous units were renowned.

I am confident you will be pleased with the existing and continuous new development of products that I have developed over the years, If you are dissatisfied with, or have any questions about, any of our products please feel free to contact us.

A young company with a long history

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